Hello, I am Vantashia Shontale, CEO and Founder of My Sister’s KeepHER, Entrepreneur, Author, and Speaker. I never in a million years thought I would be in the position I’m in now. One simple statement changed my life forever,
“God, I want you to use me and fulfill your purpose in my life,”
and that’s exactly what started happening. Unapologetically me. Now, I aspire to inspire.

Latest Release: Purpose in the Now 

Many times in life we rush the seasons in our lives anxiously awaiting to get to the next season or accomplish the next task. How great would it be if we actually relished in the season of now?

No fear preventing us from living our dreams. No overlooking life in this season but actually enjoying your now season. Even if you find yourself going through a silent season, there is still purpose in the now.

This devotional journal takes readers on a life riveting journey on what it means to embrace Purpose in this season.

About MSK

I founded the My Sister”s KeepHER, a lifestyle brand & women empowerment group for modern women of faith and business. MSK has a three main pillars:

Heal. Evolve. Renew.
I have a heart for women and I desire every women to live out their dreams and have a full life unapologetically. 

I am My Sister’s KeepHER.


Stay tuned! Great things are in store for 2022!

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